Adult chat simulator

In a recent article by John Brandon in Venture Beat, he wrote about test driving the Kia Niro which comes with a very helpful chat bot who informed him of fuel usage, horsepower which you might expect.

When asking him about the type of phone he had to use in the car, the chat bot pointed out he could charge his Galaxy S 7 from the charging pad vs.

All of these links where current at the time I added them.

When you have to verbalize a response, it triggers a deeper cognitive level in the brain vs.

non adult) chatbots, like the industry showed the way. It’s free for owners of adullt chatbots and it’s already ranked quite OK in the seach engine, but so far, it’s really silent on this website.

IF you do not have room on your computer for software and/ or want to talk with some online chat bots then you will find the links here There are links to my own personal online chatbots, Botlibre Chatbots , Chatbot4u, Chatbots , Lovedroids Chatbots , Pandora Chatbots , Personalityforge Chatbots , Twitter Chatbots and links to various other kinds of online chatbots.

For those of you out there who utter the words – OK Google, or Siri call home and my favorite Alexa play Jeopardy.

Chat bots, some of which are Voice Assistants may be the next killer app.


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