Daily diary of a dating optimist Perusex

I was slowly becoming convinced that for whatever reason I was never going to get married.

Despite everything, I did meet an amazing woman and we recently got married. More times than I care to remember, I went out on first or second dates that I thought were terrific only to find out the woman thought otherwise.

Japan in the eyes of most people is still a mysterious place, not a tourist destination. She’d rather start building collective memories with him. You need somebody to share these moments and new experiences with. Unlike what some people might think after hearing Japan is in recession for the past decade, Japan is actually very rich. Coming back to the economy, I would like to say that the recession is a man made one.

When you see a couple walking through the neighborhood, you think, they are taking a stroll.

In America we have the same problem with a top heavy baby boomer generation about to retire. Japan wants to stay an ethnic homogeneous country, so they reject large scale immigration to offset the retiring baby boomers and their production capacity in the economy.

Japan does have ethnic minorities, like the Okinawans, Ainu and Koreans. I didn’t know about this group, until my host asked me not to shake the hands of a group of people, who were at the book signing event.

Optimism is a trait that should become more common, judging by Winston Churchill's famous quote that "a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Optimism has been proven to improve the immune system, prevent chronic disease, and help people cope with unfortunate news.

Gratitude is associated with optimism and has been determined that grateful people are happier, receive more social support, are less stressed, and are less depressed.

It has a top heavy baby boomer generation and a very low child birth rate. And there is a problem with men and women in their thirties still living with their parents.

Recent research indicates that optimists and pessimists approach problems differently, and their ability to cope successfully with adversity differs as a result.

Watch the Video on Optimism and Gratitude Martin Seligman defines optimism as reacting to problems with a sense of confidence and high personal ability.

But eventually I realized that what my rabbi sang to me was much closer to reality than my over-the-top sense that there was no hope.

I needed to just keep going, and while I might be a bit down or need a short break, there was no choice but to get back into the race. Have “turnkey” date plans ready I had way too much going on my life to constantly think of amazing new dates all the time.


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