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1) Handsome husbands like me Are very few But fewer than that Are beautiful wives like you You are like a rare Pearl in the ocean Meant only for me Not for everyone Happy anniversary 2) My whole world would’ve been Reduced to total ash It would have been nothing Not even mere trash My whole life would’ve been Crumbled to tatters If you weren’t there You’re the only who matters The only reason why My life is so seamless and fine Is because darling You are forever mine Happy anniversary 3) Every morning of my life Feels so blessed and pure Of everything I do I feel so secured and sure Every night before bed I feel profusely thankful For the way in which my life Has tuned out so beautiful There is no mystery about The woman behind all this It is none other than My beautiful missus Happy anniversary 4) The best day in the year Is our anniversary Not because on this day You got married to me But because it was when I received in my life My most ultimate reward Which is you, my wife Happy anniversary 5) Thanks for tolerating me All this while Thanks for being the reason Behind my smile Thanks for always easing Every pain and sorrow Thanks for making me Look forward to tomorrow Thanks for always pushing Me towards success Thanks for giving me Unlimited happiness Thanks for accompanying me In the journey of my life Thanks for being Such an amazing wife Happy anniversary 6) I renew my promise This anniversary We both will grow old Together gracefully I will hold your hand As you hold mine Everything in our life Will always be very fine Even in tough times I will be with you Let’s celebrate this special day With these wows taken anew 7) I don’t keep a count Of the number of years We’ve spent as a happy couple With lots of joy and cheer Whether it is our tenth Or twenty-fifth anniversary My love for you will always Remain the same honey Happy anniversary 8) We bicker and argue We quarrel and fight But we still love each other With all our might We have differences Which we grumpily bear But at the end of the day We both make a great pair Happy anniversary 9) You are like a rose In my life’s garden Without your fragrance Life wouldn’t be fun You are the sunrise In my life’s horizon Your undying love Feels warm like the sun You are like the moon That lights up my nights Your eternal beauty Is like a radiant light You are not just a woman You are an angel My darling to me you are So priceless and special Happy anniversary 10) No one else would have Tolerated me No other woman would have Let me be No one else but you Would let me do Things in the manner That I want to Thanks for being A perfect companion Your place in my life Can be taken by none Happy anniversary 11) Like bubbles in a champagne Or the texture of wine You are the reason why My life has been so fine Like the hues of a sunset Or the colors of a rainbow You are the only reason Happiness why I know Like warm coffee in winter In summer, a cube of ice You are the one who makes My life so perfectly nice Happy anniversary 12) An anniversary is not just about The years that have passed It is about all the happiness That a couple has amassed It is more than just a celebration Of a really long journey It is about celebrating life As an unending festivity Happy anniversary darling 13) You are a beautiful woman In my life, second to none You are a lovely mother To our wonderful children You are my beautiful wife Who I endlessly love It seems that you have been sent From the Heavens above Happy anniversary 14) How beautiful times fly One just doesn’t come to know When life starts slipping away When time chooses to go But my passage of life Has been made worthy Because God has given A wife like you to me Happy anniversary 15) My life until now Has been nothing but fun Because my lovely wife Is one in a million Until now my journey Has been terrific Because I have a wife Who is so fantastic Happy anniversary 16) Today is not just Our anniversary It’s a celebration of the bond Between you and me It is not just a reminder Of our years together It is a celebration of our love For one another Happy anniversary 17) I wonder if I’ve passed The test of marriage or not All I know is that I have Always loved you a lot I hope this is enough To fulfil the criterion Of being called the perfect Husband and companion Happy anniversary 18) My dear wife…...

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