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Here I am populating the fields on the form to give us something like Note: This is a very simple example and there are often better/more secure ways to do this but this is good place to start if your trying to learn ASP ... This is a way to initiate a more complex event from your gridview. Another issue is that within my grid I created there is a column for Status (the status of an ourder recieved) Within the DSS skeleton of the program if the product is pending it is under a case "P" ..the product has been delivered (from what i gathered) he wants nothing to appear in the "Status" column but if it hasnt been shipped or isn't on the same shipment case "P" needs to send a link to fill that box....ideas on where i should begin?

In this article, I am going to explain how to manipulate data using Grid View control.

That’s why I have placed different templates like Item Template (for normal view) and Edit Item Template (for edit view).

Asp Alliance Register Edit My Profile Author List Write for Us About Asp Alliance Contact Us Privacy Policy Link To Us Advertise Subscribe Free Newsletter Newsletter Archive RSS Syndication . NET 2.0 Examples ASP Tutorials Learn ASPLearn VBScript Learn JScript Learn SQLLearn XMLSoftware Resources Shopping Cart Ecommerce Charts and Dashboards Other Resources Learn Java Learn Oracle Opinion / Editorial Crystal Reports Alliance WPF Resources AJAX Resources Silverlight Resources Free Tools Cache Manager Simple CMSReviews Book Reviews Product Reviews Expert Advice Books ASP. Then I decide to use Autogenerate Edit Button of Gridview, but I can't get the control of the gridview after I click on updating. thanks a email is [email protected], The sample code is simply great and also the explanation on the code was really very useful. I also noticed the boolean fields, while in edit mode show a text box, how can i have em show a checkbox instead?

Create a event by double clicking your gridview, you should get an event like: Let's go line by line: string Record Id = Grid View1. Redirect("Case View.aspx"); This will redirect us to our our detail view page So now were going to write some code in the pageload event of our page, this code will be executed when the page load's giving us the desired result. I have been trying to figure out how to utilize rows (databound) to access a specific page that we are working for our client.after uploading image get the image url (online path used google chrome for better performance) and used this image url on this forum section.For uploading image on this forum, select image option as following image.Actually, at each post back a dynamically templated Grid View cannot be presented from View State so we have to create and bind it explicitly using this method on all post backs. Please help me with a sample source code on the above regards. Sort Expression = datatable.column[i].columnname Dont add header template. And implement gridview_sorting event.i want add dropdown and label inside the i add together it gives me error. Hi Mohyudhin, Actually i tested this for my scenario and its not working when i try to add the grid control itself from code behind instead of declaring it in DOM(HTML). Thanks and regards, Ram Email Id: [email protected] created nested gridview template dynamically with the help of this article which is working perfectly with parent gridview but when i update inner gridview record,we are rebinding parent/child template again and then it will fire inner gridview 'rowcommand' event to update in this case,it will lost the the data which i have entered in,what to do???? I am posting the solution incase somebody is in search for it. If image format is correct then put break point at "Insert New Record" method and debug you application and tell me what error generated now.


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