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Besides his music life and acting career, Scott has well tucked in his personal life and has even refrained from disclosing details about his married life.

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"The former baseball player and Graham, 49, played Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore, respectively, on the beloved series, which ran for seven seasons beginning in 2000. I had three auditions that day, and this was the second one. I had been auditioning for a couple years and not getting the role, but the feedback was always, "He’s so good! " It’s like when you don’t care anymore, you’re just going to get me [at my most real]. I’m late for this other [audition], I’ll probably get a ticket [outside], so can I get out of here, please? Scott: I did the thing, [they were all] lovely, we all bonded, OK, bye bye. Known as the heartthrob of million of music lover, musician Scott Patterson in his early age had made his female followers go weak on their knees through his charismatic power.And what was his relationship with sparring partner Lauren Graham really like? What was your reaction to hearing that the show was ending? And I think I was probably a little relieved, and disappointed at the same time. I also have a holding deal, which means that [Warner Bros.] is looking to place me in another series as we speak. And it was less work - I'm not qualifying that either way, whether it was good or bad. Was it bittersweet that Amy wasn't there at the end? But also, less is more, because it leaves in the audience's imagination where it could go, and that's really good writing. And I know fans are a little upset because they feel unsatisfied. Do you feel like you were cheated out of saying a formal good-bye to the cast and crew since the decision came down after you were done filming? But in Hollywood, when you're trying to make the best deal you can, unfortunately, that type of thing is going to happen from time-to-time. They chose a certain tactic and they stuck to their guns, which is admirable. I have a big singing audition for him tomorrow in full wardrobe. This is the upside of Gilmore ending, because now a whole new world is opening up and it's really thrilling.So many things went through me when I heard the news. I know a lot of people were very optimistic, but I wasn't one of them. Patterson: To continue to do something like that there has to be a real passion for it. The mood on the set was that it had run its course. They feel like they hung in there for so long and didn't get the full monty, so to speak. I haven't talked to either Lauren or Alexis about the situation, but I guess they just felt like the deal just wasn't good enough for them. I didn't sense there was any passion left, and, therefore, little reason to do it. Creatively, maybe, certain cast members were bankrupt and wanted to recharge their batteries in another venue. But I think the show will live in their imaginations longer as a result of this type of an ending. It showed Luke in a much different light than what we were used to seeing. If they felt the deal was good enough, they would've signed. I posed this question to Lauren and I'll as you as well: Would you be up for doing a Gilmore Girls reunion movie penned by Amy?


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