Sophos configure updating

This utility performs a number of maintenance tasks to ensure that your Comm Serve performs optimally.On the Comm Serve computer, perform the following steps: For more information on this tool, see DBMaintenance Utility.You can only set up scheduled scans if your user account is a member of the Sophos Administrators Group in your computer's Users and Groups definition.

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Problems may occur during the installation or updating process.The following is a list of common problems, questions, and solutions: •The Sophos installer files fail to extract properly •I already have another anti-virus application installed on my computer. •Sophos returns the error “25011: Sophos Auto Update could not read updating settings from [source].Click OK to continue installation.” •Sophos returns the error “Error 3057.A virus is a program designed to corrupt (and copy itself into) other programs and alter the way they work.The impact of viruses can range from making your computer crash during certain operations, to deleting important files, possibly rendering your computer inoperable.Please temporarily disable any anti-spyware programs on your computer.


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