Xbox music library not updating

I tried adding the main music folder for my music collection again, by tapping the “ ” symbol, and navigating to the root folder of the music collection (\degas\music): However, when I tried to include the folder, I was told (not unexpectedly) that the folder had already been included in the library: So, Windows 8.1 knows where my music collection is, and so, apparently, does the Xbox Music App. Is this the same for all the locations currently defined for the Music Library? Here’s the three locations currently defined for the Music Library on the system with the errant Xbox Music App: Note that one is a network location (\degas\music – my main music collection), while the other two are local to the Windows 8.1 system; a location on the C: drive (C:\Users\Public\Music) and a location on the D: drive (called “Music (Geoff Coupe)”, but shown in the Xbox Music App with the user-friendly name of D:aa39937a982345b-Music… That location on the D: drive was set up by Windows 8.1 as the default location for saving music files.If I paste in a couple of test albums from my music collection to these local folders, then I find that the Xbox Music App will only react to the contents of the folder on the C: drive.When I use the desktop Zune Software, it finds all of this music. It was indeed fixed in the latest version, but the app does not recognize "Some Band" and "The Some Band" (i.e.However, the Xbox Music metro app only seems to find music in the "mp3 (original)" folder. "American Analog Set" and "The American Analog Set") as the same artist. This is going to sound a little strange, but after facing a brief issue when adding music to my Lumia 830's micro SD card, I not only solved it by going and making a beverage, but I thought I should at least annotate what happens when adding media to Windows Phone. Here's my walkthrough and explanation: In my old-school case, it was a matter of going into Storage Sense and tapping on the 'SD card' line...

So in the case above, at the next time the agent ran, in the background, the new music files were picked up and indexed.Anyway- is there some command to tell the MUSIC app to RESCAN it's music storage locations?First of all: Using WMP for music collections is a bad Idea. But what's more it also messes up the media folders.I wouldn't have thought (even with my 32GB card of media) that it would take seven though, so I suspect that one of Windows Phone's beloved background agents is tasked with the music side of things, feeding results back into XBox Music's database.As you'll know from other AAWP content, these background agents run with some restrictions on context (e.g.Either way, the same issue crops up - maybe you've seen it? Tap this to eject the card from the OS's file system - much safer than just yanking it out! [right] Meanwhile, I had copied on a folder of a classic 'King Crimson' album and had turned the phone's screen back on. After around seven minutes, during which the list refreshed several times, sometimes with blank results, the final list was displayed, complete with the new music.


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